NFC Fighting

NFC #116 Friday, February 8

 NFC # 116 Friday, February 8
Center Stage Atlanta

Doors at 6 pm and fights at 7 pm
Center Stage is an all ages venue


  1. Pro MMA: 145+2 lbs: Gui Cury (Team Octopus) vs Aalon Cruz (Defwar, Florida)

  2. Pro MMA: 160+2 lbs: Brandon Longano (X3 Sports) vs Yemi Oduwole (Knuckle Up Fitness)

  3. Pro Muay Thai: Super Heavyweight: Bolo (Bangkok Boxing) vs Larry Greene (X3 Sports)

  4. Pro Muay Thai: 195+2 lbs: Ose Abunaw (ATT Gwinnett) vs Gabe Leatherman (Legacy MMA)

  5. Advanced Amateur MMA: NFC Georgia Bantamweight Championship: Amun Cosme (Milledgeville Academy of MMA) vs Damien Whitehead (Knuckle Up Fitness)

  6. Advanced Amateur MMA: 170+2 lbs: Stephen Wylie (X3 Sports) vs Isaac Stackhouse (Kenny Kim BJJ)

  7. Advanced Amateur MMA: 145+2 lbs: Koyya Russell (SBG Buford) vs Nathaniel Tumbling (ATT Gwinnett)

  8. Advanced Amateur MMA: 145+2 lbs: Rakim Thorpe (X3 Sports) vs Dillion Haggard (SBG Athens)

  9. Advanced Amateur MMA: 135+2 lbs: Dillion Haggard (SBG Athens) vs Leonard Cortez (Fort Bennett MMA)

  10. Amateur MMA: 155+2 lbs: Tyler Trump (SBG Buford) vs Dominic Colangelo (World Jiu-Jitsu Academy)

  11. Amateur MMA: 185+2 lbs: AJ Weathersby (Shidokan Atlanta) vs James Douglas (X3 Sports)

  12. Amateur MMA: 125+2 lbs: Tristian Watson (Striker FC) vsMenelik Milner (Bangkok Boxing)

  13. Amateur MMA: Heavyweight: Kyle Magee (Shidokan Atlanta) vs Wes Mena

  14. Amateur MMA: 155+2: Omar Higgins (X3 Sports) vs Jabril Malik (Independent MMA and Fitness)

  15. Advanced Amateur Muay Thai: NFC Georgia Flyweight Championship: Maryia Arlova (Knuckle Up Fitness) vs Charlsey Maner (Electric City MMA)

  16. Amateur Muay Thai: 125+2 lbs: Adam Silcio (Bangkok Boxing) vs Andy Nguyen (X3 Sports)

  17. Amateur Muay Thai: 190+2 lbs: Myia Ward (Full Throttle Fitness) vs Kristin Hahlbohn (D&M Fitness)

  18. Amateur Muay Thai: 115+2 lbs: Angel Blackwell (X3 Sports) vs Rebekah Rotenberry (Garage Kickboxing)

(fight card is always subject to change without notice. All tickets purchased are final and cannot be refunded)